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Preparing Your Manuscript for Archives

Completed Senior Honors Theses must be submitted to archives in digital form. Upload your manuscript into Digital Collections and Archives here:  https://mira.lib.tufts.edu/contribute

Submission Guidelines for Undergraduate Honors Theses
The following information is based on specifications made by
Tufts University Office of Digital Collections and Archives

There should be a one-inch margin at the top and bottom and at the left and right sides of the page. The right margin should not be justified (aligned) unless it can be done without leaving large gaps between words.

Figures, Tables, and Appendices
If you will be referring to a visual image, table, chart, map, or graph, it is normally best to include it in the body of the text, as close as possible to that portion of the text where you discuss the figure.

An appendix (or appendices) is reserved for the complete texts of surveys, statistics, lists, graphs, and maps that are too long or too peripheral to be included in the thesis text itself. If you are not sure if something should be incorporated into the text as a table (or figure) or appended to the end of the document, talk to your advisor.

Page numbers should be centered on the bottom of the page. "Every page of the paper, including blank pages, must be assigned a page number. Although counted in the pagination, the number should not appear on the title page or on other display pages such as the copyright, epigraph, or part titles." (Turabian, Section 14.6; see also Sections 14.7 - 14.9). Usually, the first page of the thesis itself begins with the Arabic numeral 1. Pages before this—such as title page, acknowledgements, and table of contents—are numbered with small Roman numerals, such as i, ii, ii, iv, etc. The title page is number i, but do not print any numeral on this page or on the acknowledgments page, if included. Subsequent pages, such as the table of contents, would be numbered ii or iii. The first page of your thesis text is number 1, but do not print any number on this page. The page numbers would appear on the second and subsequent pages of the thesis. The pages of the bibliography and any appendices should continue the Arabic numbering of the thesis text itself.

Order of Pages: Page Number:
Title page (i)-- does not appear
Acknowledgements (optional) (ii ) -- does not appear
Table of Contents iii
Thesis text (1), 2, 3, etc. . . .
Appendices (optional) continue Arabic numerals from last page of thesis
Endnotes (if not using footnotes) continue Arabic numerals
Bibliography continue Arabic numerals

Title Page
The title should be centered on the horizontal measure of the area within the margins of a page of text. It should be one-third of the way down the vertical measure of the page and should be typed in capital and lower case letters with no end punctuation. If it takes more than one line, it should be double spaced and the second line should begin with a capital letter whether or not it otherwise would do so. Centered five lines below it should be the statement: An honors thesis (or project) for the Department of __________. On the next double-spaced line below should be centered the author's name (in the same form as in other official college records). On the last line of the typing area of the page should be centered: Tufts University, 2015.

Tufts archives discourages students from including an acknowledgements page in their Senior Honors Thesis except to acknowledge professional academic support from those outside the thesis committee (for example, special funding, access to special archives maintained by a scholarly organization, or feedback provided by an influential scholar).

You should use the style of citation recommended for your field. Ask your advisor if you're not sure.

Instructions for citing references are contained in the standard style manuals (e.g., Chicago Manual of Style, MLA Handbook, APA Publication Manual) or at the websites below:

University Archives no longer accepts printed hard copies of senior honors theses. Check with your department to see if they need a printed version, though most departments no longer archive physical versions. Some students wish to have a hard copy for themselves or their families; you can get copies bound at Gnomon Copy or Staples.

"Non-Traditional" Projects
Some honors projects result in products other than the traditional text (e.g. video, CD, large format artwork, etc.). Please contact the University Archives for information about submitting these types of projects.

Contact Tufts University Office of Digital Collections and Archives: Archives@tufts.edu or 617-627-3737.

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