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Senior Thesis Support: Courses on Research Methods

Research for Success: Using the Library for Thesis and Capstone Projects

What: 8-Week Ex-College Course
When: Wednesdays, 5:00pm-7:30pm, beginning September 11
Where: Tisch 223
How much: ˝ credit (graded Pass/Fail)
For more information: Regina.Raboin@tufts.edu or Laurie.Sabol@tufts.edu.

Thinking about writing an honors thesis in your senior year, or are you already preparing to write one? Would you welcome a head start or immediate help in understanding the research process? Would you enjoy sharing what you learn as you become, increasingly, an expert in the subject you’re investigating?

The course will introduce you to major research tools and search techniques specific to your subject area. You’ll come away from this class with a working bibliography of resources, as well as a plan for continuing your research by using databases, web resources, interviews, primary sources and various other tools and collections. Not only will preparing this bibliography help you make an early choice for a thesis advisor, your new skills will transfer to other libraries, and as an added benefit, you’ll have a strong grounding in graduate-level research skills and resources.

Regina Raboin is the Science Reference Librarian and Reference Microforms/Current Periodicals Coordinator at Tisch Library. She has been at Tufts since 1996 and in that time has taught information literacy sessions in biology, chemistry, community health and urban and environmental policy and planning, along with classes covering basic and advanced search techniques, finding and evaluating web sites and RefWorks, a web-based bibliographic citation manager.

Laurie Sabol is the coordinator of library instruction. She has been at Tufts since 1995, and in that time has taught innumerable library instruction classes in psychology, child development, occupational therapy and education, as well as general sessions for the first year writing students and explorations/perspectives students.

UEP 0234-06 Special Topics: Qualitative Skills for Planning and Policy

This course introduces students to a suite of qualitative research methods, including case studies, field research, photography, focus groups, interviewing, and content analysis. Through hands-on course sessions and projects, students will learn to match a topic of inquiry with an appropriate method. After studying each skill set, students will have the opportunity to practice their new skills in real world environments through community-oriented projects.

 For more information, contact the instructor, Justin Hollander, at Justin.Hollander@tufts.edu


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