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Advice from Past Senior Thesis Writers at Tufts

“I learned more from writing my thesis than any other course at Tufts. It was a great feeling to sit down at the end of the year and have 3 faculty members talk to you like a fellow scholar."

“Choose and get in contact with your thesis advisors the summer before and discuss with them your possible topic."

"Don't wait until too late to decide on a topic, to do the research, and to write the actual paper. Start early. And make a timeline for yourself and your committee."

"Plan everything out well—starting in September, with deadlines along the way, not just when the entire thesis will be done. And set that date a week or two ahead of when it really needs to be in, just in case."

"Get it all figured out before you start! I wasted so much time first semester reading books I never used—either pick a subject you are familiar with, or find a faculty member who can guide you well. For the writing stage, freewrites are my best suggestion. While writing an 80-odd page thesis in a foreign language, freewriting in English (for 20 minutes at a time, no more) helped me get my thoughts together."

"Do work all year long rather than waiting for the end or doing too much in the beginning. Also, take advantage of any faculty help you can get . . . it may be your project, but they are a gold mine of information and advice, and every little bit counts."

"Make deadlines for yourself and submit as many drafts as possible to professors, writing tutors."

"Make sure to frequently meet with your advisors because they can help direct you through the process, and because they have the final say."

"Do [a Senior Honors Thesis] only if you have passion for the subject you are writing on. Otherwise, it will not work."

"Write consistently, starting no later than winter break – many seniors leave the bulk of the writing for the spring and are bogged down come Senior Week."

“Try and finish a working draft by March."

“Having a defense earlier rather than later gave me plenty of time to do my other classwork and not have to worry about my thesis too around exam time."

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