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  • Tufts University bills tuition and fees electronically via Tufts eBill. Tufts eBills are issued in the first week of July (Fall semester) and the second week in November (Spring semester) only when an outstanding balance exists on a student's account. Thereafter, eBills are issued weekly if you have new charges and monthly if you have an outstanding balance. Please visit the SIS portal here and click on the Bills & Balances tab in order to see live student account detail.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Your eBill is a snapshot of a point in time. To see the most recent changes made to your account, please log in to SIS here as referenced above. Recent activity since a prior bill is also displayed on the eBill site. Contact Student Services at 617.627.2000 if you encounter problems with accessing this valuable student resource.

  • In early July, when most Fall semester bills are issued, students and all other invited viewers will receive an email notice from "TuftsEbillView-info@tufts.edu" that a tuition eBill has been posted to the Tufts eBill website. On receipt of this notice, it is important that the Tufts eBill be viewed and dealt with promptly. If, within two weeks prior to your enrollment date in any semester, you have not received the emails described above, or received a bill, it is your responsibility to contact us.
  • New students will receive preliminary information by June through their Admissions Office, outlining the Tufts eBill enrollment and billing process. Beginning in June, new students will receive a specific email notice from "TuftsEbillEnroll-info@tufts.edu" directing them to go to the Tufts eBill website to set up a personal account. Once a student’s account has been set up, others (i.e. parents) may be invited by the student to view and/or pay the bill. This invitation should only be used for personal relationships.
  • Tufts eBill is not for use in billing 3rd party sponsors, scholarship organizations or grant administrators. Please see 3rd Party Billing instructions under the Outside Aid section.
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