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Each year, approximately 40% of the Tufts junior class chooses to study abroad for a semester or an academic year. We are proud of our adventurous and open-minded student body, and we are glad to be able to help these students venture into the world to discover more about themselves and the world around them. As your son or daughter prepares to embark on the transformative experience of studying abroad, you may have questions about the application process and the experience itself. We have compiled some basic information intended to help you understand what your son or daughter may experience through each stage of the process, and which may prove useful as you discuss his or her plans for studying abroad.

Program Choices:

Tufts University has been offering foreign study programs for four decades, and there are currently many options for juniors and seniors to participate in study abroad.

A. Tufts Programs Abroad

Tufts Programs Abroad offers programs in ten locations: Chile, China, Ghana, Hong Kong, Japan, London, Madrid, Oxford, Paris, and Tubingen. Please visit each program's website for more information. Our programs focus on cultural immersion, offering enrollment at local universities and housing with local or other foreign students or a local family. Moreover, many cultural events and excursions are arranged at little or no additional cost to the student so that he or she may gain a deeper perspective on the host community culture. Each of the programs is headed by a resident director who oversees various aspects of the program and who serves as an adviser and cultural guide to the students.

For information on application procedures and deadlines, please visit our main site.

B. Recommended non-Tufts programs

In addition to the Tufts Programs Abroad, students have the option to study on one of nearly two hundred recommended non-Tufts programs, allowing for greater variety in location as well as academic area. Students have access to our library of study abroad resource materials in Dowling Hall, where they may do research on these recommended programs. Since most information may be found on program websites, students find it convenient to do their study abroad research online. Applications are easily obtained from the programs directly, while some are also stocked in the Dowling Hall Resource Library.

If your son or daughter chooses to participate in one of these recommended non-Tufts programs, he or she will take a leave of absence from Tufts for the semester or year of the chosen program. Courses taken abroad will count as transfer credit, provided approval is obtained from the appropriate Tufts academic department. To read more about the related policies, see our main site.

C. Summer study

Some students find that summer is the best time to study abroad. One option is Tufts' European Center in Talloires, France, offering a variety of courses for Tufts credit. Non-Tufts summer abroad options are also available.

D. Alternatives to study abroad

Spending a semester or year in another country is not for every student, and there are a number of options for students to spend that time at another institution in the United States.

Information and links on specific FAQ topics:

A. General Planning for Study Abroad
Tufts Programs Abroad: Students are encouraged to follow the general guidelines with regard to overall planning for the study abroad experience found here.
Recommended non-Tufts Programs: Please review the guidelines for non-Tufts programs here.

B. Application Procedures
Tufts Programs Abroad: Applications can be found on the main website, here.
Recommended non-Tufts programs: Application procedures vary by program. Please check specific program websites directly for information.

C. Program Costs
Tufts Programs Abroad: The comprehensive fee for Tufts Programs Abroad is set each year by the Trustees and is approximately equivalent to on-campus tuition, room, and board for that same semester or year. The comprehensive fee covers tuition, room, board, and other expenses on the Tufts Programs. Abroad; please visit our program websites for more information.
Recommended non-Tufts Programs: Program fees vary by program.

D. Financial Aid
Tufts Programs Abroad: General financial aid information can be found on the main program website, here .
Recommended non-Tufts Programs: General financial aid information for recommended non-Tufts programs can be found here .
Other sources of funding for recommended non-Tufts programs may be found here:

E. Travel, Health, and Safety Abroad
We encourage our students to check the US State Department's Travel Information website for their study abroad country. The Study Abroad office also maintains a page with regard to health and safety abroad.
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