Academic Forms and Petitions
   Course Schedule Modification (Add/Withdraw/Pass-Fail)
   Declaration of Major or Minor Form (Engineering)
   Change of Advisor Form (Engineering) 
   Graduation Information Form (Engineering)
   Petition for Course Substitution (Engineering)       
   Ninth Semester (request for part-time status) (Engineering and Liberal Arts)

   Declaration of Major/Minor/Change of Advisor Form (Liberal Arts)

   Guidelines for Determination of Academic Standing (Liberal Arts)

    Petition for Culture Option Credit (Liberal Arts)

    Petition for Liberal Arts Distribution Credit (Liberal Arts)

    Petition to Take an Extra Course (Liberal Arts)

    Petition for World Civilization Credit (Liberal Arts)

    Progress Report for Students in Liberal Arts

    Degree Sheet FAQs

    Senior Honors Thesis Candidate Form

Diploma Information

     English Translation Request Form for Diploma

     Replacement Diploma Request Form


     Request for Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities


     Graduate Student Information (Webpage)

     Undergraduate Credits to Be Used Towards Graduate Degree (Liberal Arts)

     Combined BS/MS Degree Form (Engineering)
     Reserving courses towards Graduate Degree (Engineering)
     Transcript Reconciliation for BA/MPH and BS/MPH
     MBTA Order Form (deadline for submission : August 12th, 2015)

     Request for Release of Credentials

     Credential File Registration Form

     Credentials Policies and Procedures

     HPRC Information Packet 

     Individual Recommendation Form

Registrar Forms

     Academic Departments (Chair and Staff Contacts)

     Advising Worksheet for Registration

     Classroom Abbreviation Listing

     Cross-Registration Request 

     Name Change Form
     Transcript Request

     Block Schedule

Prematriculation Credits

     International Diploma Credit Requirements

     Request for Credit:International Diploma Exams

     Prematriculation Credits (AP, IB, etc.)

     Prematriculation Credits Selection Form

Transfer of Credit

     Transfer of Credit Policies and Procedures

     Transfer of Credit Representatives by Department

     Transfer of Credit Form for Undergraduates

     SIS Transfer of Credit instructions (non-Tufts programs)
     SIS Equivalence request instructions (Tufts Programs Abroad only)

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