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"Study Abroad First Steps" Meetings

All students considering study abroad must attend a First Steps meeting, ideally in their freshman or sophomore year; it is an essential step in planning for study abroad. Each First Steps meeting covers the basics of study abroad and lasts approximately 30 minutes. All students are welcome to attend any of the non-Tufts program-specific presentations that sometimes follow the First Steps, listed below (in italics). However, attendance at a non-Tufts presentation does not satisfy the First Steps attendance requirement; non-Tufts presentations are specific to the program and do not cover any of the Tufts policies or procedures.

Fall 2015

All meetings are held in Dowling Hall Room 745B except as noted**

September 2015

October 2015

Sept. 11, Friday @ 2:30pm

Sept. 14, Monday @ 12:00pm

Sept. 18, Friday @ 2:30pm

Sept. 21, Monday @ 12:00pm

Sept. 25, Friday @ 2:30pm

Sept. 28, Monday @ 12:00pm

Oct. 2, Friday @ 2:30pm

Oct. 5, Monday @ 12:00pm

Oct. 16, Friday @ 2:30pm

Oct. 23, Friday @ 2:30pm

Oct. 26, Monday @ 12:00pm

Oct. 30, Friday @ 2:30pm

November 2015 December 2015

Nov. 6, Friday @ 2:30pm

Nov. 16, Monday @ 12:00pm

Nov. 20, Friday @ 2:30pm

Nov. 23, Monday @ 12:00pm

Nov. 30, Monday @ 12:00pm

Dec. 4, Friday @ 2:30pm

Dec. 7, Monday @ 12:00pm

Dec. 11, Friday @ 2:30pm

**NOTE: Some General Information Meetings are followed by visits from program representatives (as indicated in italics). If you are interested in these visits, all are welcome to join us- they are held at 12:30 pm on Mondays and at 3:00 pm on Fridays, in the same location as the preceding General Information Meeting.

See the entire calendar of events.

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