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Tufts in Japan

Academic Program
While in Japan, students take intensive Japanese language courses (two credits per semester). A limited number of other courses taught in English is also available, of which students can teak up to four per semester. Martial Arts courses receive 0.5 credit. For those with excellent language skills, it is also possible to take regular courses taught in Japanese. For those who need to fulfill specific requirements for their majors, directed study options are also possible. Students will have an academic adviser and a personal tutor. Six credits maximum may be undertaken per semester.

Course Offerings
NOTE: All courses are not necessarily offered each year.

Fall Course Offerings
Japanese Language
Cultural Representations
Comparative Politics
Anthropology in Japan
Cultural Anthropology
Law and Society in Japan
Japanese History
Global Environment and its Dynamics
Seminar in International Society Studies (International Security Issues)
Experiences in Japanese Culture and Society (topics include:)
-Budō-Jōdō I
-Budō-Karatedō I
-Japanese Culture through the Way of Tea
-Education in Japan
-Ōhi Pottery: Clay and Fire
-Japanese Society and Traditional Culture I

Spring Course Offerings
Japanese Language
An Introduction to Modern Japanese Culture and Society
Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
Comparative Children's Literature
Anthropology in Japan
Japan Law News Project
A History of International Politics
Seminar in International Society Studies (International Security Issues)
Language in Culture and Society
Japanese History
International Relations
Experiences in Japanese Culture and Society (topics include:)
-Budō-Jōdō I
-Budō-Karatedō I
-Budō-Jōdō II
-Budō-Karatedō II
-Family in Japan
-Contemporary Art and Design
-Japanese Art Performance and Music
-Traditional Arts & Crafts and their Techniques
-Japanese Society and Traditional Culture II

Academic Calendar 2013-2014
(dates are approximate)

Fall Semester  
Arrival September 30*
Orientation October 1-4
Classes begin October 7
Winter break December 21-January 1
Classes end February 7
Spring Semester  
Classes begin March 31
Classes end August 1
Departure August 8*
  *Approximate depending on flight arrangements
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