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Tufts in Madrid/Alcalá

The Tufts-in-Madrid/Alcalá program, which includes living options in Madrid and Alcalá de Henares, is designed as a semester- or year-long program of academic study. Students are strongly urged to choose the full academic year, but students who are unable to do so may apply to attend the fall or spring semester only. Preference is given to students who apply for the full year. The program is run jointly with Skidmore-in-Spain. Tufts University has enjoyed an exchange relationship with the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) since 1985 and with the University of Alcalá (UAH) since the fall of 2000.

Students have the option of living in Madrid or its neighboring city, Alcalá de Henares; location choice need not be made at the time of application, but in consultation with the Resident Director during on-campus interviews in the fall or spring. Regardless of where a student chooses to live, he or she will have access to all program resources in both locations. Situated in the center of the Iberian Peninsula, Madrid is one of the world’s most vibrant capital cities, offering international students both a wealth of historical, architectural, and artistic treasures and the lifestyle of a modern, multicultural, and dynamic society. Alcalá de Henares is a beautiful medium-sized city about 22 miles northeast of Madrid. Designated a World Heritage Site in 1989, Alcalá is known for its exquisite historic renaissance buildings, a slower pace of life, and the warm and welcoming nature of its inhabitants. Students who enjoy the occasional excitement of a big urban center but are looking for a smaller, more inclusive city and a more intimate group of peers will typically prefer Alcalá. Ample public transportation connects Madrid and Alcalá and travel time between the two cities is approximately 40 minutes.

The Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) was founded in 1970 and is located in Cantoblanco, on the northern outskirts of Madrid. The UAM offers a large selection of courses including economics, international relations, history, political science, psychology, sociology, art history, education, world literature, Spanish language and literature, linguistics, geography, business, law, archaeology, Arab studies, Asian studies, music, and gender studies.

The University of Alcalá (UAH) offers a good selection of courses that include marine biology, gender studies, economics, international relations, history, art history, psychology, literature, geography, business, political science, and law.

Tufts in Madrid/Alcalá offers a rigorous Global Internship Program with flexibile credit options in the fields of community health, women’s advocacy, international relations, human rights, journalism, diplomacy, education, environmental studies, scientific research, marketing, finance, and more. Additionally, the program offers weekly education and training on Intercultural Competency Development, awarding students a certificate of completion at the end of the semester.

The Madrid program center, “Monte Esquinza,” is situated in the historical-cultural center of Madrid and houses administrative offices, classrooms, library, study rooms, and a student center. The newly renovated Alcalá program center, “María de Guzmán,” is located in the school of Humanities at the UAH, and features administrative offices, a student center, and two classrooms. Courses designed specifically for Tufts in Madrid/Alcalá are offered at both program centers and are open to students from both locations.

For more detailed program information, please check out the Tufts-Skidmore in Madrid website run by program staff in Madrid.

Director: Susan Sánchez Casal, Ph.D., Hispanic Studies, University of California, Riverside.

Assistant Director: Mayte de las Heras Martínez, Lic. en Fil. y Let., Autonomous University of Madrid.

Assistant Director, Alcalá: Miguel Angel Lera, Dr. Fil. y Let., University of Alcalá.

Coordinator of Internships and Projects: Luis Castilla, Dip. Statistics, Complutense University of Madrid.

Student Coordinator: Sergio Barreiro Sánchez, Dr. Fil. y Let., University of Alcalá.

Wellness and Intercultural Coordinator: Claire Jasinski, Psychotherapist and Intercultural Educator.

Language Tutor: Chavela Olivares Ripoli, Lic. en Fil. y Let., UNED.

Administrative Assistant: Gloria Fortún Menor, Lic. en Fil. y Let., UNED.

Alcalá Housing and Student Coordinator: Angelines Álvaro.

Well-prepared undergraduates (normally juniors, but occasionally some seniors) who meet the requirements listed here and who have completed Spanish 21 and 22 (Composition and Conversation) or the equivalent of six semesters of college-level Spanish may apply to the program. Spanish 31 (Main Currents of Spanish Literature I) and 32 or 34 are highly recommended. The majority of students who participate in the program are International Relations, Economics, Psychology, and Spanish majors. A variety of other majors are represented from the humanities, the social sciences, and the sciences. All program courses are taught in Spanish. A number of university courses are taught in English.

Comprehensive Program Fee 2014-2015
$30,912 for a semester,
$61,823 for the academic year includes:

  • Two-week orientation program;
  • Full room and board (winter and spring breaks excluded) includes an individual room, two meals per day with host families, monthly meal stipend, laundry, and WiFi;
  • Full tuition and fees at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) or the University of Alcalá (UAH);
  • Use of UAM or UAH facilities: sports, computers, e-mail, and activities;
  • Six program courses each semester on Spanish/Transatlantic History, Art, Theater, Environmental Studies, and Language Studies;
  • Global Internship Program
  • Intercultural Competency Development Education (with certificate of completion);
  • Individual and group language tutorials; peer tutor program at UAM and UAH;
  • Spanish medical insurance, full coverage with no co-pays nor exclusions for pre-existing conditions;
  • On-site counseling services;
  • Spanish peer mentors at program centers:
  • A stipend for students to use towards sports/fitness, music, dance, and art classes; stipend for travel within Spain;
  • Three expenses-paid excursions each semester to different regions of Spain;
  • Unlimited reimbursement for cultural events such as plays, films, cultural exhibits, and museums;
  • European Youth Card;
  • Monthly transportation pass that covers intra-city and inter-city travel between Madrid and Alcalá.
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