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Tufts in Paris

The Tufts-in-Paris program offers a combination of Tufts in-house courses taught by French professors and courses in French institutions of higher education in Paris, notably the University of Paris III (Sorbonne Nouvelle), University of Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne), and the Institut Catholique. All three are located on the Left Bank within easy distance of the program office situated in the historic Montparnasse area. Courses are available in French and comparative literature, political science, economics, history, cinema and theatre studies, communications, art history, philosophy, religion, psychology, European studies and international relations. All courses are taught in French. Qualified students may also apply for the full-year diploma program for international students at the prestigious Sciences Po Paris. Full-year students have the opportunity to be part-time interns for two months in the spring semester. Placements are varied and include small French companies, art galleries, NGOs, etc. Volunteer activities are also possible for both semester and full-year students. Full-year students take the TCF (test de connaissance du français), which is recognized worldwide as validation of their level of French; test results are valid for two years.

While Tufts in Paris is designed as a full-year program, a semester option (either spring or fall) allows students to enroll in at least two in-house courses, including a mandatory French language course, and two courses at the aforementioned French institutions. Note: French institutions may limit enrollments, and priority may be given to students either enrolling for the full year or taking a course toward their major.

Director: Jeanne Fourneyron, Licence d'Histoire, University of Paris I Sorbonne; D.E.A., French Literature, University of Paris 7; Ph.D., French Literature, Emory University.

Well-prepared undergraduates (normally juniors, but occasionally some seniors) who meet the requirements listed here and have a demonstrated interest in France and French-speaking cultures and have completed French 21 and 22 (Composition and Conversation) or the equivalent to six semesters of college-level French may apply to the program. At least one third-year level course, such as French 31 or 32 (Masterpieces of French Literature) or French 121 or 122 is highly recommended. A grade point average of 3.0 in all French courses is required. Regardless of language level or previous instruction, students are strongly advised to take a course in French language or literature in the semester preceding the semester or year in Paris. Majors from the following departments have participated in the program in recent years: art history, economics, English, French, history, international relations, political science, psychology and sociology. All majors are encouraged to apply, but preference will be given to students with solid French language skills and a strong commitment to the cultural, academic, and linguistic goals of the program.

All students applying to Sciences Po Paris must pass a preliminary test administered on the Tufts campus in the spring semester preceding the year abroad. A cumulative GPA of 3.5 is recommended for application. Sciences Po makes the final decision with regard to admission.

Comprehensive Program Fee 2014-2015
$30,912 for a semester,
$61,823 for the academic year includes:

  • Ten-day orientation in Paris and group trip outside Paris;
  • Three program courses in fall and four in spring, as described here;
  • Full tuition and fees to allow each student to take a range of courses at the following institutions, as appropriate: University of Paris I or III, Sciences Po, Institut Catholique;
  • Room, breakfast, and five dinners per week with French homestay (winter and spring vacations excluded);
  • Lunch allowance (winter and spring vacations excluded);
  • Transportation passes;
  • A weekend group excursion and day trips each semester;
  • Cultural events in Paris: theater, concerts, dance, opera, etc.
  • TCF (test de connaissance du français)
  • Internship opportunities for full-year students in the spring
  • Volunteer opportunities
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