Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program

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Tufts provides the opportunity for college graduates who have not yet taken the sciences to prepare for entrance into a health care profession of their choice.  A concentrated program of study, supplemented by a network of personalized advising and support, gives Tufts students the needed advantage when applying to competitive medical schools and other health professions graduate programs.

This program is not for those who need to retake sciences courses or who may need to enhance their undergraduate record.  It is for those who have not yet taken the majority of the prerequisite science courses for their intended health career. Students who only have a few courses to complete (that usually means fewer than 6 courses) and/or who wish to strengthen their knowledge and demonstrate their ability to excel in the sciences should consider the Tufts Graduate Career Advancement Program. (GCAP students do not receive a letter of recommendation from the University, are not eligible for financial aid, and do not have access to the health professions advisor.)  The Association of American Medical Colleges' website is an excellent source of information about Postbac programs around the country.  This site will provide information about many different types of programs, including those specifically designed for students who need a remedial or enhancement program.

For college graduates who need to strengthen an existing science record, Tufts offers a Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences Degree Program (MBS).  This program is based at the School of Medicine on the Boston Health Sciences Campus.  Students take first year medical courses as well as some unique graduate-level science courses.  For more information about this program, please visit

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"Is there a statute of limitations on choosing to be a doctor? To my surprise, I discovered that there were people who had other careers before coming to medicine, and they even had a special designation bent arrows. I chose Tufts for its personal approach to advising, superb reputation in the health sciences, and outstanding faculty."

Steven Hatch, Postbac Premed Alumnus
Graduate, University of Cincinnati School of Medicine
Completed residency at Tufts Medical Center

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