International Research Program
for Tufts Faculty and Students in Arts & Sciences

   A generous gift from an anonymous donor permits the School of Arts & Sciences to pilot and innovative program to fund student-faculty teams conducting scientific research internationally. This program will begin in Summer 2012.

Completed applications are due by 12:00 noon on Monday, March 3, 2014

Students interested in participating in the International Research Program should meet with faculty members in their area(s) of interest as early as possible.


 Program Overview:

         Research is to be conducted in the natural sciences, life sciences, or mathematics in a lab setting or in the field, and must be hosted by an international lab. Part or all of the research project must include an international component. (This excludes Hawaii and Alaska.)

         The international travel portion of the research project must take place during the summer (or possibly during Winter Break, after final exams have ended.)

         The P.I. must be a faculty member affiliated with one of the following departments in A&S:  biology, chemistry, computer science, geology, math, and physics. Interdisciplinary approaches among these fields are also welcome. Each of these departments may submit up to two applications, and the department chair must approve both. In the case in which one department generates numerous proposals, the chair must decide which two have the most merit and best coincide the departmentís goals and needs before submitting them to the selection committee.

         Research teams must be composed of at least one faculty member with a departmental affiliation in Arts & Sciences, who will act as PI; at least one graduate student; at least one undergraduate student. Teams may include multiple professors and multiple students. The undergraduates do not need to be majoring in the same field as the P.I.

         The P.I. must accompany the students overseas; for the purposes of this program, students should not be conducting research overseas without faculty supervision and guidance. The P.I. (with departmental support) is responsible for making travel arrangements and adhering to the budget.

         Undergraduates must present their research at the Summer Scholars Poster Session in the fall and the Undergraduate Research Symposium in the spring. Winning teams are encouraged to present their research at a departmental forum the following semester or academic year.

The Scholarship Committee will select one or more research teams for Summer 2014 (and possibly Winter Break 2014) based on these criteria:

1) Relevance, feasibility, and scientific merit of the proposed research;

2) relevance of the proposed overseas location(s) in furthering the research process;

3) clear goals for student researchers (preference will be given to those proposals that allow students to further their own research projects, such as senior theses);

4) integration of the research team into the international lab or host institution;

5) inclusion of A&S students as a vital part of the research team (although Engineering students are also welcome on the research teams).


 2014 Application


Faculty members should direct questions to Dean Carmen Lowe: