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Tuition & Fees

A typical first-year undergraduate student in residence at Tufts during the 2015-2016 academic year can expect the following expenses:

Tuition $49,520
Residence Hall $7,134
Meal Plan $5,960
Mandatory Health Service Fee $756
Activity Fee $328
Health Insurance (Waived upon proof of approved alternate insurance) $2,451
Total (Without University Health Insurance) $63,698

Need help in figuring out what you will owe to the University? Get a head start with the Student Account Calculator. Our calculator consists of two pages. On the first page you will enter information about class level, room choices, etc. Clicking the grey CALCULATE button at the bottom of the page will bring up a pre populated second page. This second page will have costs (based on your selections) and available aid/resources (based on your input.) The amount that remains due to the University (or a credit) will be listed at the bottom of the second page.

Several points to keep in mind:

  1. The figures used in the calculator are updated for 2015-2016.
  2. The calculator assumes all entering First Year students to be enrolled full-time, and to have the premium board plan, per University policy.
  3. The Health Service and Student Activity fees are mandatory and billed once each year, during the Fall semester.
  4. You may wish to print out the second page of the calculator for reference. Once you leave the calculator site, the information you added will not be permanently saved.


Tuition for Tufts undergraduates is a comprehensive fee that covers basic charges for instruction, costs of registration, most laboratory supplies, and other incidental items or services.


All first-year and sophomore students, except those who live at home and commute to Tufts, are required to live in university housing or recognized fraternities or sororities, and to purchase a meal plan.

Dining Services

First year students are required to live on campus and enroll in the premium meal plan providing unlimited dining center options. Second year students are required to live on campus (with a few exceptions) and have the option to choose from either the 160 meals-per-term, the 220 meals-per-term or the Premium meal plan with unlimited meals-per-term. Juniors, seniors and students who live in exempt housing or commute are not required to be on a meal plan although many choose to select one from any of the six meal plan options. http://dining.tufts.edu. 98% of all Tufts undergraduates have a JumboCash account which enables them to make purchases in all dining locations as well as at the Tufts’ bookstore, Campus Center information booth, laundry machines, printers, copiers, vending machines and at our campus convenience store. Students may also use their JumboCash at over 25 off-campus restaurants and cafés to dine in, take-out or for delivery. They can also use JumboCash at the CVS drug store in Davis Square and at an off-campus convenience store. www.jumbocash.net

Health Services

The health service fee is mandatory and non-waivable, and provides access to primary care and walk-in services at our student Health Service and Counseling and Mental Health Service. Laboratory tests, prescribed medications, medical supplies, and consultation with on-campus medical specialty consultants are not covered by the health service fee. Students who do not purchase the optional medical insurance are required to demonstrate that they have other medical insurance. To waive your health insurance, please visit the waiver site at go.tufts.edu/sis (see "Request" tab). Please have your Insurance Plan Information available and make note of your Confirmation # upon completion.

Student Activities

All students are required to pay the student activity fee, which is proposed by the student government.

Enrollment Deposit

Accepted students must pay an enrollment deposit, which is applied to tuition for the first year.

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