Registration & Schedule Questions

Deadline Questions

Registration Period

For current undergraduate students, registration for the spring semester takes place in November and registration for the fall semester takes place in April.

Prior to registration, students are contacted by email and told to view their registration start time and status. Students cannot register if they have any type of hold on their account. Check in with your student a couple weeks before registration begins and remind them to check their status on SIS Online. Overdue bills must be paid in full to remove a Bursar Hold.

Enrollment Verification

Students can request a Enrollment Verification letter in their WebCenter account. They can request to have the letter mailed or held for pick up at the Student Services desk in Dowling Hall. The letter is the official document that verifies the student's enrollment status at Tufts.

Residence Halls

Move-in and move-out dates for residence halls can be found on the Residential Life website.

Academic Calendar

To find out when the semester begins and ends, as well as other important dates, refer to the Tufts University Academic Calendar.

Parents Weekend

The dates for Parents Weekend can be found on the Parents Program website.


Each year the break between the Fall and Spring semesters begins at the end of Fall final examinations and lasts until classes start in the Spring. Also, Spring Recess begins on a Saturday and ends on a Monday when classes resume. The specific dates for both breaks can be found on the Academic Calendar.

Exam Schedule

The Final Exam Block Schedule can be used to figure out when your studentís last final will take place. If you know what blocks their classes take place in, you can look at the Final Exam Block Schedule to see when they will take the final for that course.

Both the Block Schedule and Final Exam Block Schedule can be found on the Registrarís website.


Commencement ceremony dates and information can be found on the Commencement website.

Tufts Bulletin

The Bulletin is a handbook that contains general rules and regulations of Tufts University. First year students are given a copy of the Bulletin when they arrive for Orientation. Students should refer to the Bulletin from the year they matriculated to Tufts.

Leave of Absence

When an undergraduate student needs to go on leave for any reason (Study Abroad, Personal, Medical, Transfer) the student must submit a Leave of Absence request in their WebCenter account.

After the request is approved by the studentís Academic Dean, all appropriate parties within the University will be notified and, if necessary the student's bill will be adjusted.

Registration Deadlines

After the semester begins, there are deadlines for adding and dropping courses. These deadlines can be found on the Academic Calendar.

  • All students can add courses in their SIS Online account up until the last day to ADD (two weeks into the semester).
  • Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors can drop courses in their SIS Online account up until the last day to DROP (five weeks into the semester).
  • Freshmen can drop courses in their SIS Online account up until the last day for first years to DROP (ten weeks into the semester).


The last day to select the PASS/FAIL option is the same for all students, including Freshmen. It is always the same date as the DROP deadline (five weeks into the semester). To take a class PASS/FAIL a student must submit a form signed by their academic advisor by the deadline.

Degree Sheet

In order to receive their degree from Tufts, students must submit a Degree Sheet. The Degree Sheet is the document students must complete to show they have fulfilled the requirements necessary to graduate.

Early in the Fall semester of their senior year, students are notified by email about the deadlines for submitting their Degree Sheet. The deadline for students who wish to graduate in May is usually on a day during the week before Thanksgiving. For students eligible to graduate in February, the deadline is in early October.


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