Mentor FAQ

Multiple students have contacted me about my listing. Can I invite them all to submit an application, or do I have to choose one?

Each faculty member may only apply with one student. Many faculty members will use criteria such as graduation year, prior experience, or research interests to select the student(s) with whom they apply. If you are approached by multiple prospective applicants, please assist the other students by suggesting colleagues who may be interested in providing them mentorship.

What if I already have a student with whom I would like to work? (On a Senior Honors Thesis, etc.)

If you are already working with an applicant, you need not provide information about the project for posting on this site.

Will I need to be physically present on a Tufts campus this summer in order to sponsor a Summer Scholar?

While it is most typical for the faculty mentor to be on the same (or a nearby) campus during the 10 weeks of the proposed project, some projects will not require as much consistent in-person contact. Successful student applicants will submit a time line and detailed plan for contact with their Mentor, as appropriate to the specific project. Mentors to Scholars conducting field work abroad for a significant portion of their summer should also be in-country for the majority of that period or designate a representative there.

Are faculty mentors compensated for their time?

While mentors to Summer Scholars do not receive stipend or pay, they do have access to $1000 in research funding. Additional information regarding this funding will be sent to mentors following scholars' acceptance of grants.

How are Summer Scholars selected?

The rubric used by the faculty selection committee can be accessed here. After determining eligibility, the committee will consider the fit and commitment of the student/mentor pairing, the student's expressed understanding of the work s/he proposes to explore, grades in her/his relevant coursework, ability to balance work as demonstrated by choices illustrated on her/his transcript and resume, and fit of the program into the student's overall educational plan.

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